Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bringing families together...digitally

I have not had a request to do this in a few years, but somehow I've had two in just one month. Most families have a few family members who live out of state. Recently a family of 17 had all but one person together here in Phoenix and so they decided to get the family portrait done. That's three generations and families from 2 different states!! The one not able to make it is in the Navy and currently serving our country. Of course I'd be able to add him to the portrait. 
The other family had 13 people in the image and one person at school in Chicago. Although we had done her Senior portraits, there wasn't really an image that worked well with the family, so we will be doing her session soon. 
I like that technology has allowed this to happen. Family portraits are a treasure, and it's often hard to get absolutely everyone together to be in one. Now instead of going without, there's an option to add the person in later, and I hope more people will think about doing that now. 

Our most recent family photo with my wife's side of the family is treasured. It was one year before her sister was diagnosed with cancer. She fought the battle for a year and got to see another Christmas, her favorite holiday! We were so glad that we had a portrait done while everyone was here and in good health. Since then we have also had another grandson join our family and my third grandson is due in October. Hopefully this time next year we will have another family portrait on the wall. Have to capture the moments while they are here.

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