Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Class of 2010 and visit to my old High School

Today I am working on a new advertising piece directed to the Class of 2010.
What an exciting time!
There are so many different things that High School students are involved in now.
I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last week for the Fourth, and I visited my high school building.
I remembered all the great times I had there, and marvelled at the changes in the building and the neighborhood around it.
I set up an account on Facebook while I was in Milwaukee. Already I have been contacted by two of my high school friends. How in the world did they know I was on Facebook?
I have now "accepted them as friends" and we are linked.
I am looking forward to writing them to learn what has transpired in their lives since we all graduated.
I had gone to College my first year at a Wisconsin State University, then transferred to Arizona State. I fell in love with Arizona, and have established my life in Arizona.
My high school has had two reunions, but due to them not having my address, I never knew of them.
Well maybe the nnext one I will.