Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Sessions

Today I had art class again. I really am enjoying being challenged in different mediums and with different subjects, but it is a challenge. Today was pencil art, which is one of my favorites. I am loving using my artistic abilities in a new way, besides being behind the camera. I am taking the class sponsered by the city of Scottsdale recreation deparment.
I also completed another project, and am off to the post office shortly. I have made a mailer card for the 2009 Seniors in the area, and I had fun doing it. It's great to get so much variety from being on location and being able to showcase some of it on the cards I send out. It seemed like everything was against me in regards to this mailer. The printing company took extra time which they have not done in the past. The CASS certification software completely shut down and wouldn't open again when I was trying to load the names. After an hour on the phone with techical support it was all solved, but I was exhausted. So now I am off to the post office. To deliver my large mailing. Hopefully I will hear from some more of the valley Seniors from this, I look forward to photographing the excitement that the High School Seniors have as they finish that final year of school!

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