Tuesday, September 1, 2009

On Location for a High School Senior Portrait

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to photograph a very interesting high school senior. Since I am the "Studio Without Walls" I went to his home for the session. We worked both indoors and out. We did images with his dogs in the backyard. I set up my portrait set in his front hall to create more portraits on a painted background. As I was walking in and out of his house, I noticed this little area with the concrete wall. The light was perfect! He was in the house changing into his tennis gear for a portrait on the painted background. I asked him to come outdoors for a couple after we did the ones indoors. Here is one of the images we got. It is exciting to me to work with all the potential of creating beautiful images like this. Shooting on location not only affords a no ending supply of brand new sets and creativity, but it is also more personal to the subject.

This is the house Brooks grew up in. Gotta love it!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Class of 2010 and visit to my old High School

Today I am working on a new advertising piece directed to the Class of 2010.
What an exciting time!
There are so many different things that High School students are involved in now.
I was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last week for the Fourth, and I visited my high school building.
I remembered all the great times I had there, and marvelled at the changes in the building and the neighborhood around it.
I set up an account on Facebook while I was in Milwaukee. Already I have been contacted by two of my high school friends. How in the world did they know I was on Facebook?
I have now "accepted them as friends" and we are linked.
I am looking forward to writing them to learn what has transpired in their lives since we all graduated.
I had gone to College my first year at a Wisconsin State University, then transferred to Arizona State. I fell in love with Arizona, and have established my life in Arizona.
My high school has had two reunions, but due to them not having my address, I never knew of them.
Well maybe the nnext one I will.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009