Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Time

I am looking at life now and wondering where my babies went. Of course they have and are about to have children of their own. I'm fortunate enough to have them both living in Phoenix, but somehow still am surprised at how fast the time has passed since they were just learning to walk and talk. My oldest grandson starts school in 2 weeks. In  three months I will have a third grandson too! I am enjoying being a grandpa, but I am also realizing that my kids are not really kids. They are now enjoying their own families. We are looking forward to taking the "kids" out on Saturday night for dinner and a play. It should be a good time for us all to get together and enjoy being adults! 
I have also just finished my second bulk mailer of the summer. This one is geared towards families and children. It's hard for first time parents to sometimes grasp the speed at which their children grow up. It seems like forever before they can talk, then they can walk, then they are out of diapers....next thing you know school arrives, followed by them asking for the keys to the car. It may seem drastic, but you can ask most people with grown "kids" and they would tell you the same thing. I feel so honored to get to capture the portraits that represent the first year, the school days, and even that last year of high school. Every year since I got married (36 years ago if anyone's counting!) we have sent out a family portrait with our Christmas card. My wife has made a book of all the cards through all the years, and these are such a treasured memories. I understand not everyone has a photographer in the family (which is good for my business), but I work to stress the importance of capturing these images before the little ones become teenagers, and before the teenagers are living all over the country. 
I know I am glad I did, and I know my customers over the last 31 years are also very glad they did too! Take the time, make the time, and enjoy the time you have while the kids are still kids, before they become "kids."

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